There is ‘no point’ going to church if you don’t really believe in it – Pope Francis

Pope Francis has said there is “no point” in people going to church if they do not follow the teachings of the Bible in their daily lives.

The head of the Catholic church took a stand against what he termed “Christian parrots”, who talk a lot about their religion but don’t do good deeds.

“Those who do this are nothing but Christian parrots – words, words, words,” said the Pope, according to Italian newspaper La Stampa.

“Christian faith is expressed with three things: words, the heart, and the hands.”

Canon law requires Catholics to go to church “on Sundays and other holy days of obligation” and to abstain from work or other business that would inhibit their worship on those days.

During his conversation with the parishioners, Pope Francis also said it could be difficult to forgive people when they have hurt you, or even, in some cases, committed crimes against you.

“It’s difficult, I knew an old woman who was strong, bright, whose husband used to hit her. You should always forgive but sometimes to forget is difficult,” he said, according to La Stampa and a more detailed report on the website Famiglia Cristiana.

this article taken from http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/pope-francis-catholic-church-no-point-if-you-dont-believe-in-it-help-the-poor-christian-parrots-a7529631.html